In the first quarter of the year 2018, Engr. Clinton-Jay C. Heruela and his partner Engr. Marijoy Catherine R. Cornejo conceptualized and teamed-up in working together in the field of engineering and construction. Having their dynamic capabilities and knowledge, their passion in this field, and the greate will of gathering and enhancing their strategic skills and wisdom they finally decided to form the M.C.C.H. Construction Services.

Having the experience of the two key engineers in the field of construction as Project Engineers in their former companies with years of experience handling different nature of projects in the past, they collaborated for them to have a better performance and to serve their clients with satisfactory outputs.

The two Engineers are being involved with the pre-construction phase to the turnover phase of different projects. Also, quantity surveying is one of their skills being enhanced with many and various projects they’ve handled to participate on different biddings whether in private entity or government agencies.

Our Mission

To serve their clients with a very satisfactory and outstanding performance through standard engineering practices.


To have an aggressive & innovative expansion in the field of construction, engineering, and development and to have a continuous learning, for the company to reach the highest peak of success in the near future.

Core Values

We prioritize honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, building trust with clients through a commitment to quality, safety, innovation, and community engagement.



Project management involves directing and organizing each part of the project life cycle, from ideation to completion.


Pre-construction is the first major step of the entire building process. This is where the whole project is properly planned and organized before construction begins.


Once the pre-construction process has been accomplished, the main construction proper can now begin. This is the longest process, as the project can take months to finish depending on the size and scope.


The process does not end after the construction has finished. We will continue to coordinate with you to ensure that the post-construction process is properly executed and the final steps are accomplished.

MCCH Construction Services

MCCH Construction Services

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MCCH Construction Services
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