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Embark on a journey of excellence with M.C.C.H. Construction Services, founded in the first quarter of 2018 by the visionary duo, Engr. Clinton-Jay C. Heruela and Engr. Marijoy Catherine R. Cornejo. Fueled by dynamic capabilities, extensive knowledge, and an unwavering passion for engineering and construction, they have forged a powerhouse partnership.

What We Do

Providing comprehensive construction solutions, our company specializes in design, building, renovation, and project management for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Project Management

Project management involves directing and organizing each part of the project life cycle, from ideation to completion.


Pre-construction is the first major step of the entire building process. This is where the whole project is properly planned and organized before construction begins.


Once the pre-construction process has been accomplished, the main construction proper can now begin.

Post Construction

We will continue to coordinate with you to ensure that the post-construction process is properly executed and the final steps are accomplished.

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Happy Clients

Throughout the duration of our project, MCCH has given us a goodnight’s sleep, without any hassle and worries. We highly appreciate all the initiatives, how they’ve managed to maintain a sense of humor and camaraderie that’s truly special despite of all the construction constraints. MCCH makes client satisfied and happy even the smallest details of the construction project.


MCCH exemplifies unwavering commitment to excellence. Their adept handling of rectifying the inadequacies left by a previous contractor, utilizing correct materials and precise procedures, showcases a commendable dedication to quality craftsmanship.


MCCH did a superbly fine job to complete the finishings, lightings, and mounted furnishings of my brand new Makati condo after its turnover by the developer. Really appreciate for their good workmanship and pinpointed attention to detail!


MCCH Construction Services is great to work with.They tend to my query pretty quick and provided helpful advise.


This contractor’s professional ethos, attention to detail, and willingness to exceed expectations make them a valuable partner in delivering high-quality construction services with a focus on client satisfaction and integrity

BMD Motors

Seamless and Stress-Free Home Construction Experience with MCCH Construction Services. When it came time to bid out to contractors, MCCH Construction Services showcased their extensive network of skilled professionals.

MCCH Construction Services

MCCH Construction Services

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